Moez Bouhlel @lejenome

Student and Software Developer


Self-taught programmer, CS student and FOSS contributor.

Interested on programming languages theory, compilers design and system programming.

Principles: DIY, RTFM and KISS.


Looking for a part-time job or paid internship. May accept flexible-time full-time job.

Open to relocate with visa sponsorship or to work remotely.


Abstract view* of main skills; domain specific skills will be provided on demand.

Software/Web Development

  • C
  • Python
  • JavaScript

System Administration

  • Linux
  • Bash / ssh
  • Docker
  • KVM


  • Git
  • LLVM

Familiar With

  • Perl
  • C++
  • Ruby
Self-rating based on Dreyfus model.
Experience & Activities
  • Software Engineering Intern Djagora Academy
  • Technical Leader FSS Open Tech Club
    • Developed the club website using Python/Django
    • Set up a LAN (Ubuntu, Apache, Squid, Samba, Gerrit, Jenkins, hostapd)
    • Created three workshops (Python introduction using Django/GTK+, Compilers Design overview using Flex/Bison/LLVM, Git/GitHub)
  • Freelancer
    • Software development and maintenance

More of my projects are at my GitHub account.

  • Mastermind
    Keywords: C, SDL2, CMake, texinfo, doxygen, man
    cross-platform c implementation of Mastermind.
  • HTML5 Video Everywhere
    Keywords: JavaScript, Firefox Add-on
    Replace various streaming websites video players with Firefox native HTML5 video player for better stability and performance.
  • Satellite Analyzer
    Keywords: Python, GTK3, Sphinx, SciPy/NumPy
    A tool to analyze satellite images and to detect changes in well defined periods.

I have contributed few patches to FOSS projects including: Mozilla localForage, IPython, Jupyter QtConsole, Jshint fixmyjs, Less.js.

  • Favorite EditorVim
  • Favorite IDEVim/Git/make/GDB (Unix as IDE)
  • Favorite DistributionArch Linux
  • ArabicMother tongue
  • EnglishReading/Listening (4) Writing/Speaking (3)
  • FrenchReading/Listening (3) Writing/Speaking (3)